Investing Together to End grand corruption

Restitution believes in an approach which uses methods and techniques pioneered by the litigation funding industry to provide sovereigns with a demonstrably better deal than ever received before and in a shorter time horizon to have their national patrimony restituted.

Our work can be crystallized as “turning the tools of the City and of capitalism against bad actors to clean up the system for the greater social good.”

On the basis of years of research, it is our view a robust public-private partnership can unlock the level of political support, capital and requisite human resources genuinely required to get the job done, with a serious, multiplier effect and upside.

It is our firm conviction that this model can not only improve the terms which sovereigns receive moving forward, it can also ensure positive and durable systemic change.

About Us

Our Solution

Restitution is an organization dedicated to assisting democratic, anti-corruption-focused governments in their fight against corruption by providing funding and support for civil enforcement and asset recovery. Restitution treats claims as assets, purchasing the claims from the sovereign government, which invests side by side with impact investors and patient capital to maximize enforcement. A litigation funder with a difference, Restitution provides end to end support to sovereign clients, is cost-effective and returns the vast majority of the assets to the sovereign client, and ensures that funds returned are used in a way that is transparent and ensures maximum impact in line with the goals of the client.

Why Now

IFFs are an increasing global problem. However, with greater emphasis on cleaner financial centres globally, we believe that now is an opportune time to restore these stolen assets to their rightful owners while providing a strong return for our investors. Now is the time for international private and institutional capital to be part of the solution.

The Opportunity

Our recovery funds unlock capital from patient investors (such as impact investment funds, donor governments, foundations and pension funds) who are focused on the social impact of the Restitution model. They will invest together with the sovereign to develop these assets in a way that is transparent and focused on maximising the benefits to the sovereign client.

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Yesterday, we stopped off at the British Foreign Policy Group to hear the panels thoughts on the release of the new International Development White Paper, the first one for 14 years.

The BFPGs summary thoughts can be found here:

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